Why Helicopter Trips Are a Must-Try Experience

helicopter trips

If you haven’t realized yet how great helicopter tours are, you can bet your friends and family have!

After all, the helicopter tourism market is a massive one. In 2018 alone, it raked in an astounding $851.9 million, with projections to grow by 4.7% between now and 2027—bringing the numbers to $1,253.9 million in just under seven years.

Why are helicopter trips so popular? The answer is simple: an increased interest in aerial sight-seeing. This point is especially true in beautiful and sunny Florida, where the Keys are waiting to be experienced from a bird’s-eye view: blue waters, fish and sharks, sandy beaches, historical monuments, and so much more.

If you want to experience something from a new perspective—whether you’re a resident or tourist of the Florida Keys—a scenic ride in the air is the way to do it. Below, we explain why this method of adventure is so compelling and awesome.

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Helicopter Trips Provide a New Outlook on Things You’ve Seen Before

It’s as simple as that: scenic tours in the air are so much different than your average bus, bike, or walking tour. Whether it’s your first time to the Florida Keys, your tenth time, or you’re a long-time resident, there’s nothing comparable to a bird’s-eye view of a beautiful area.

From the sky, you can see crystal water, manatees, islands, wildlife, and so much more. These are things you might not get to see if you were walking, sitting on a crowded bus, or even walking around town. Some experiences are simply better from the sky, as they offer an unparalleled view of a town that’s historic and gorgeous.

At the end of the day, memories and experiences (as opposed to material items, such as souvenirs) are priceless. They bring us better satisfaction, become a part of our identities, and remain a part of us forever—unlike material goods. Booking a helicopter tour proves that.

Plus, They’re Affordable!

When you’re going on vacation, or even trying to experience your hometown in a new way, you may find that many experiences are quite costly. As a tourist, there’s the price of hotels, other types of tours, food, drinks, and more. As a resident, there are things like rent, utilities, and a slew of other charges making it difficult for you to splurge on something expensive.

Well, with helicopter trips, you’ll find they’re cost-friendly, especially when considering the experience that comes with them.

We have Discovery tours starting at under $59! With this price, you’ve got plenty of sight-seeing options: the Seven-Mile Bridge, Pigeon Key, Duck Key, Hawk’s Cay, or even a sunset experience. For only $205, you can experience sights like Bahia Honda, our famous Lighthouse, and much more..

When was the last time you had such an excellent, life-changing experience for such a good price?

They Provide Lifelong Memories in the Way That Other Experiences Don’t

You’ve ridden in a cab or an Uber. You’ve flown in a plane, taken a train ride through the country, and probably drive a car to work every day. But, what’s a more rare form of transportation you likely haven’t taken? 

A helicopter!

Simply put, a helicopter tour is more unique than your average ways of travel. Not everyone can say they’ve ridden in a helicopter, whereas many people can say they’ve taken a plane trip. This gives you an opportunity for some unique bragging rights.

Similarly, it just changes the way you see the world. A plane is too far away, while a car is too close. A helicopter is that perfect middle ground, allowing you the perspective you need to see some sights from a safe, engaging distance, without being too far away to need your binoculars. 

Helicopter Tours Are Convenient and Time-Friendly

When was the last time you took a 30-minute plane trip? Heck, it takes more than thirty minutes to even get to your gate!

Similarly, a train ride is quite the commitment, and an Uber ride can be quick (but there’s not much in the way of views). 

A helicopter tour, on the other hand, is a time-sensitive way to see some amazing sites when your schedule’s a little more packed than you expected. If you’re in a time crunch, you can take a 30-minute ride that doesn’t compromise greatness. You can even take a helicopter tour on the day of your departure if you plan it right!

With options ranging from 25 minutes to an hour, it’s easy and convenient to schedule a helicopter tour into your schedule. Simply book it in advance, arrive prepared, and you’ll be up and down in record time—no fantastic views spared.

Not many other tours can boast the same fantastic advantages!

Views From the Sky Are Unlike Any Other

Are helicopter trips in your future?

After checking out this article, they very well could be. Taking a helicopter tour provides a unique perspective, whether it’s something you’ve seen hundreds of times in your life or something you’ve never experienced. And that’s what helicopter tours are—an experience unlike any other!

We at Ultimate HeliTours provide an adventure that’s exciting, affordable, and memorable. You may have seen the Keys, but you’ve never seen them like this. Click here to book a tour with us today! Our variety of budgets and schedules guarantees that there’s something for everybody. We look forward to providing you with an excellent experience.