10 Reasons Why Florida Vacationers Book Helicopter Tours for Couples

One of the most breath-taking and scenic areas in the world is the unique state of Florida. Among the most popular spots for tourists and vacations in the sunshine state is the Florida keys.

If you are looking for fun, exciting, and romantic vacation options in the Florida keys, look no further than a helicopter tour. A helicopter tour for couples is a perfect getaway for two.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Florida vacations are not complete without romantic helicopter tours for couples.

1. Fantastic Rates for Helicopter Tours

As far as costs go for helicopter tours for couples around the Florida keys, they are very manageable. Especially when compared to other vacationing and getaway options.

For example, tour packages can range from around just a couple hundred dollars. You can even select how long and which areas around the Florida keys you would like to fly over (or all of them).

2. Romantic for Couples

There is no doubt that a scenic tour up in the air around the gorgeous Florida keys is a romantic experience for any couple. This is the perfect way to elevate (literally) a couple’s getaway for two and make it an unforgettable experience.

If your vacation includes more family, this could be a great chance for a couple to get away for a short while and spend some time just between the two of them. There are even specific tours meant to up the romanticism, such as a tour that takes off perfectly timed around the setting of the sun.

3. Make the Most Of Your Time

You can see more of your vacation destination quicker and faster. It is impossible to scout the entire area while walking around on foot, especially in an area that includes so many bodies of water.

With so much to see, you will have the chance to take a lot more pictures of the gorgeous ocean views in Florida while up in the air. Once the helicopter ride is over, you will also have more time to explore the beach or do everything else on your list for the vacation.

4. See Florida from a Different Angle

Speaking of exploring Florida, your helicopter ride will uncover all of the tremendous hidden views you can only see from above. The unique scope of the irresistible ocean views and the wide array of wildlife will be remarkable!

At Marathon, Florida, the awesome clear blue ocean and fish, sharks, manatee, and other wildlife are all just a helicopter tour away.

5. Even More Sights to See

But the fun doesn’t stop. There are a plethora of unique areas in and around the Florida keys to be absorbed. Luckily, helicopter tours can take couples around to see them all.

You have the option to select which of the great areas to scope out, such as the Vaca Key or the Boot Key Harbor. Two more popular scenic settings are Duck Key and Hawk’s Cay.

6. Historical Sites Too

Then, there are historical sites like Pigeon’s Key (including a massive lighthouse), the Seven Mile Bridge, and Bahia Honda State Park. All three of these locations were involved in important moments in Florida’s history.

As a border state to the east coast and one of the most southern points in the United State, Florida has a very unique history, especially within the keys.

7. A Memorable Experience

A helicopter tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is sure to be memorable. On top of the romantic and sight-seeing fun, riding in a helicopter at those heights is a thrilling adventure.

On a vacation, you will always want to reconnect with your partner or significant other. Participating in something like a helicopter ride for two will bring you even closer together. Even with someone that we already know well, we desire to continue to build and strengthen our connections through shared experiences.

8. Helicopter Rides for Couples: A Great Gift

Even if you and your significant other may not be interested in a helicopter ride, they make a great gift to couples within your friends and family as well. Especially during the holiday season, a couples getaway is an ideal gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, and the rest of the holidays.

9. Can’t Beat the Weather

Escape the winter cold and visit the Florida keys where it is awesome sunny weather and normally in the 70s or high 60s temperature during any time of year. Who wouldn’t want a chance of pace from the winter?

Trade in those blizzards and heavy snow for sunshine and stunning ocean views. Everybody loves the sunshine and tropical weather of Florida during any time of the year. The Keys is known as one of the most desirable weather cities in the United States.

10. Vacation Safely

Safety is always optimal during any vacation, and even more so during the pandemic. While many other holiday and vacation activities will require shifting through big hoards of tourists, helicopter tours provide a safe view from up above. Skip the crowd and enjoy an even better perspective from a helicopter tour anyway.

Furthermore, our pilots are certified and very knowledgeable of the Florida Keys area. You are in good hands with our helicopter flight.

Witness Florida At Its Finest

There are so many reasons to book a helicopter tour for couples today. You will not regret a great vacation to the unique state of Florida, especially if you top it off with a helicopter flight. Visit the Florida keys and book a trip you will be talking about for years to come.