5 Amazing Views You Can’t Get in a Car When You Visit the Florida Keys

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Are you looking forward to your vacation to the Florida Keys and excited to take in all of the sights? Do you wonder if there is a way to enjoy even more scenic beauty than what you get from driving in a car? If so, then you’ll want to plan for the sights you see when you visit the Florida Keys.

The most breathtaking views are always from the sky, so why not take a helicopter tour over the Florida Keys to get a viewpoint you wouldn’t otherwise have? See below for several amazing views you can’t get in a car when visiting the Keys.

1. Seven Mile Bridge

Granted, they probably could’ve thought of a more clever name than “Seven Mile Bridge”, however, at least you know what to expect when you drive on it.

Truth be told, this iconic piece of the Florida Keys is beautiful from any angle. When you drive on it, you’ll be able to see the water up close and personal. If you’re lucky, you might even see a dolphin or two as you’re making your way to and from. 

However, the true beauty is to be seen from up above during a helicopter tour. You’ll see how impressive of a structure the bridge is and the beautiful crystal blue water that surrounds it. You can also feast your eyes on the different surface levels and the reefs up and down it.

If you didn’t know, the Seven Mile Bridge connects the Middle Keys to the Lower Keys, so you’ll enjoy the sights of many different pieces of land and seeing how all of the Florida Keys connect. It is truly a spectacle to behold!

Perhaps the crown jewel of it all is Marathon, a city located in the Keys that is known for its vibrantly colored barrier reef, something that will make your jaw drop when you see it from the view of a helicopter.

2. Bahia Honda State Park

No matter how many state parks you’ve seen in the United States, we promise you this: you’ve never seen a state park like Bahia Honda. It’s one of the must-see spots of all Florida Key visitors, bringing people from far and wide to stop at mile marker 37 to see it.

This beautifully-preserved piece of land has some of the clearest water that you’ll ever see, hundreds of different tropical tree species, and pristine beaches to top it all off.

You’ll make a Home Alone face while taking in the sights of Bahia Honda and the way it gels with the Atlantic Ocean. The blend of natural beauty with man-made architecture (the Seven Mile Bridge) is like something out of a painting. 

The water almost has an iridescent feature to it. As you come upon it, the water is so blue that it almost blends in perfectly with the bright blue sky above it. You may find it hard to identify the horizon.

However, as you start to come over the water, the water becomes a bit greener in spots with beautiful barrier reefs. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

3. Sombrero Lighthouse

Again, your adventure to the Florida Keys should be about seeing things that you likely won’t find anywhere else that you travel. Fortunately for you, there’s no shortage of unique landmarks, such as the Sombrero Lighthouse.

Also known as the Sombrero Key Light, this red-colored piece of industrial history is surrounded by the bright blue water that you’ll come to know and love in the Keys. It was originally opened in 1858, if you can believe it, and stands at 142 feet tall.

As you can imagine, the beauty that surrounds it is truly a sight to behold. There are many different aspects of marine life that use the Sombrero Key Light as a gathering ground, which makes it even more fascinating to fly over during a helicopter tour.

4. Duck Key

When most people think of the Florida Keys, odds are that they’re imagining something that closely resembles Duck Key and, more specifically, the Hawk’s Cay Resort

You’ll admire the incredible combination of natural tropical beauty and local life. Building after building, beach after beach, and it’s all surrounded by a beautiful greenish-blue body of water.

The island itself is small and slightly tucked away, which will make you feel like getting on island time and staying there. No matter what time of day that you go on the helicopter, you’re sure to see countless residents and visitors snorkeling, biking, camping, relaxing on the beach, etc.

5. Pigeon Key

While it might only be 5 acres wide, it has enough beauty for all to enjoy. Pigeon Key is so small that it only holds 8 total buildings on it. The island itself will remind you of simpler times, showing more land than buildings.

It has one pier on it and is surrounded by water so clear, you can see every bump and feature on the surface below. The Seven Mile Bridge runs directly over it.

Whether or not you take time out of your trip to visit it by car, flying over it will help you admire the simplicity and natural beauty that the Florida Keys have, even if all of the resorts and hot spots weren’t there.

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Now that you have seen all of the different sights that you should make sure to see when you visit the Florida Keys and schedule a helicopter tour, be sure to use it to your advantage.

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