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Florida is a gorgeous state characterized by miles of vibrant coastline. Filled with small islands, sandy beaches, blue waters, dreamy palm trees, and exotic wildlife, it’s a regular sight for sore eyes. 

It’s for this reason that helicopter tours are such a popular attraction. Tourists love to get up in the air and check out the region with a bird’s eye view. 

Are you interested in doing so? Need help finding the best helicopter tours in Florida? Then read on because we’re going to tell you exactly what to look for. 

Use Google

You should start your search by using Google. Type “helicopter tours in Florida” into the search box and see which websites to pop up. Then, go through these sites, assessing their star ratings and their customer reviews. 

We recommend focusing on sites with star ratings of at least 4. Make sure to read through the customer reviews as well, as they can answer many of the questions that you might have about the companies in question. 

Once you’ve done this, write down a few of your favorite candidates on a piece of paper. You’re going to want to do more research on them in order to see which one is best. 

Ask the Locals

Not only can you find fun helicopter tours on Google but you might also get a good recommendation by asking locals in the area. For instance, if you’re staying in a hotel, your concierge might be able to assist you. Or, if you’re up to it, you could ask someone off the street. 

This shouldn’t be the end-all, be-all of your research, but it is a good starting point. And if it doesn’t get you anywhere, you’ll always have Google to fall back on. 

Make Sure the Company Has Experience

Start the comparison of the companies you wrote down by comparing their experience levels. You’re going to be in a helicopter after all.  You want to make sure that the pilot knows what he or she is doing. 

You can generally find experience information on companies’ websites. This will usually exist in the “About” section. If there isn’t any experience information on the website, you should instead call the company and ask for it explicitly. 

We recommend choosing a company with at least 2 years of experience on its side. A company that has maintained a decent reputation for over 2 years is bound to provide decent service. 

Make Sure That the Pilots Are Licensed

Next, you’re going to want to make sure that the pilots at the company are licensed. No, it’s not common for unlicensed pilots to offer helicopter services commercially but it’s still a possibility. As such, you want to make sure you’re in safe hands. 

Any reputable helicopter company will provide you with proof of their pilots’ license upon inquiry. If you aren’t given proof, you should look elsewhere. It’s as simple as that. 

Inquire About Routes

If you’re going up for a helicopter tour in Florida, it’s likely because you want to see some of the cool things that exist in the area. Unfortunately, not all helicopter tours will allow you to see every cool thing. As such, before embarking, you need to inquire about routes. 

Different helicopter tour companies will provide different travel routes for their passengers. In fact, most will provide a selection of routes for passengers to choose from. 

Check out your prospective helicopter companies’ websites to see if these routes are available. If they’re not, just make a call and ask. 

Make Sure There’s Enough Seating

If you’re like most people who go up in a helicopter as a means of touring the area, you plan on going in a big group. Note, however, that some groups are too big to be held by a single chopper. So, before signing any contracts or making any agreements, be sure to confirm the number of seats available to passengers.

Research Safety Information

Helicopter accidents aren’t common but they do occur. And note that when they do occur, it’s often because the proper precautions weren’t taken. As such, you need to make sure to choose a helicopter tour agency that does take the proper precautions. 

There are a number of different places where you can look up safety information on different companies. One of these is the Federal Aviation Administration’s accident database

In addition, you can also look at the National Transportation Safety Board website. This enables you to search for specific companies and pilots and then provides you with their safety ratings and accident reports. 

Flying in a helicopter is supposed to be a fun and fulfilling experience, not a stress-inducing and traumatic one. Do your due diligence to ensure that you have the best trip possible. 

Ask About Costs

Different helicopter tour companies charge different rates. Whereas one might charge $150 per person, another might charge $50 per person. As such, before making any decisions, you need to call around and ask about costs. 

Some helicopter companies will list their costs on their websites. If you can’t find this information on the website, you’ll have to make a call instead. 

In any case, it’s important to know just how much money you’ll be paying. The last thing you want is to be surprised with a staggeringly large bill. 

Looking for Helicopter Tours in Florida?

If you are, indeed, looking for helicopter tours in Florida, you needn’t look any further. Ultimate HeliTours has you covered. 

We provide helicopter tours capturing the stunning sights around the Marathon-area, helping visitors to see the region in all its glory.Contact us now to discuss our available tours!

how much is it for a helicopter ride

Are you planning a visit to the Florida Keys? It’s one of the most beautiful and fun places in the entire country.

With incredible weather year-round, the Florida Keys is perfect any time of the year. Many people flock here during the winter to escape the northern snowstorms. With an average temperature of 74 degrees in January, it’s easy to see why.

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime memory, taking a helicopter tour while down in the Keys is a must. How much is it for a helicopter ride? And why are the Keys perfect for helicopter tours? That’s exactly what we cover below. 

Why Ride a Helicopter in the Florida Keys

When you are in the Florida Keys, you have an abundance of exciting activities to fill your time. Fishing, boating, snorkeling, and enjoying the local culture are all on the agenda. 

But if you truly want to experience the magic of the southernmost part of the US, you need to take to the skies. It’s hard to see everything the Keys have to offer until you’re airborne.

When you board a helicopter and live over the islands that make up the Florida Keys, you’ll be amazed. You’ll see just how extensive the coral reefs are and realize why many people are working so hard to protect them.

You’ll see dozens of islands, both the inhabited ones and the small deserted ones left to themselves in the sea. When you fly out of Marathon, you’ll see places like Bahia Honda State Park, Pigeon Key, the Seven Mile Bridge, and plenty of lighthouses.

Witness countless wildlife species including dolphins, sea turtles, schools of fish, stingrays, and more. The view of the crystal clear water from the sky is captivating.

When you finish your tour and return to the ground, you’ll have a much deeper appreciation for the Keys, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your vacation even more.

How Much Is It for a Helicopter Ride?

Most people don’t consider helicopter rides to be an affordable option for their vacation. But with Ultimate Helitours, you can enjoy the best view of the Florida Keys without breaking the bank.

You can book different trip lengths with us, depending on how much extra time you have and how much of the Keys you’d like to see from the sky.

Short Helicopter Flights Florida

For a trip under 25 minutes, prices start at only $59. 20 minutes of flying time gives you plenty of opportunities to see some of our incredible islands and catch a glimpse of the coral reefs and wildlife.

For flights under 20 minutes, you choose trips such as the Bahia Honda State Park tour, Pigeon Key tour, Seven Mile Bridge tour, and more. Prices for these short, 20-minute flights range from $59 to $205 per person.

You can also book a private tour. For groups of 2 or 3, booking a private tour is even more affordable. 

Longer Helicopter Rides In Florida

Want to see a bit more of the Florida Keys during your flight? We also offer 45 and 60-minute tours. 

Our two 45 minute tour options include the Seven Mile Bridge, Lighthouse, and Duck Key tour or the Bahia Honda State Park and Lighthouse tour. These trips start at $325 per person or $590 for a private tour for up to 3 people.

Those looking for even more can book our “See Everything” tour, a 60-minute helicopter ride Florida visitors will love. You’ll see it all on this tour, including countless islands, bridges, lighthouses, coral reefs, and more.

Prices for this incredible, hour-long tour start at $449 per person or $840 for a private tour for up to 3 passengers.

Why Fly With Ultimate Helitours

Those looking for lasting memories during their trip to the Florida Keys need to look no further than Ultimate Helitours. We pride ourselves on being an incredibly safe helicopter tour agency.

We have a perfect safety record and adhere to all FAA standards for safety. Our sightseeing tours are gentle and it is highly unlikely that anyone will experience any degree of motion sickness or discomfort.

On top of that, we fly Robinson R44 helicopters, the world’s most reliable civil helicopter produced by the leading manufacturer. All of our passenger seats have windows, allowing for unobstructed views. Bring a camera along to take mind-blowing photos of your tour.

We have a passion for Florida, and in particular, the Keys. We have extensive knowledge of the area and are happy to answer any questions you have during your tour. You will finish your flight knowing way more about the Keys than most visitors ever will.

Florida Keys Helicopter Tours: Additional Information

Interested in booking your helicopter tour in the Florida Keys? Here’s what you need to know.

All of our tours depart from the Florida Keys Marathon Airport in the town of Marathon. Due to regulations, we are currently required to return to the same location. We can’t drop you off on another island at this time.

Our helicopters can seat up to 3 passengers. Children under the age of 24 months old are welcome to ride but must sit on a parent’s lap.

Due to safety regulations, we can only accommodate individual passengers under 300 lbs. The total passenger weight per flight is 550 lbs.

We do our best to accommodate all passengers. Those with disabilities can absolutely fly, as long as they are able to move from a wheelchair into one of our helicopter seats, as our helicopters cannot accommodate wheelchairs. 

In the unfortunate event of bad weather, you are welcome to reschedule your flight to a future date. Or, if needed, you can receive a full refund.

Our tours are comfortable. As such, there are no clothing requirements. You are probably already wearing shorts and flip flops during your stay in the Keys and that is perfectly acceptable flight attire. 

Have additional questions before booking your tour? You can call us at 888-535-4354 or send us a message online

Make Memories for a Lifetime

When it comes to remembering a special moment, such as an anniversary, birthday, honeymoon, or vacation, a helicopter tour in the breathtaking Florida Keys is the perfect opportunity.

How much is it for a helicopter ride? It depends on how long you want your tour to be and how much you’d like to see. We do our best to accommodate those with any budget.

Everyone deserves to experience the views from a helicopter at least once.Ready to book your tour? You can check out our specific tours and book yours here.

florida keys helicopter

Are you interested in maximizing your trip to the Florida Keys?

Do you want to make sure you see as much of its natural beauty as possible? If so, then you need to find the right Florida Keys helicopter tour for your needs.

Doing so will help you enhance your entire visit. You’ll get to see the breath-taking views from a higher viewpoint. This experience can be introspective and mind-boggling, all it takes is finding the right helicopter tour agency for your needs.

See below for several tips on how to find a legitimate helicopter tour company that you can invest your time and money into!

1. Use Reviews and References

During your stay, you want to prioritize giving you and your loved ones a new experience. One that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

That all starts with an experienced and trusted helicopter company to schedule your tour with. Without one, you might leave the tour disappointed by the lack of views or the duration of the tour.

Thankfully, you live in a digital world, where you can get a peek behind the curtain of any Florida helicopter tour agency there is. There are three ways you can get access to insight and client feedback:

  1. Reading Online Reviews
  2. Asking Helicopter Tour Agency for References
  3. Looking at Client Testimonials

If you have an experienced helicopter tour agency in mind, then be sure to look at their online reviews. Simply Google their business and look through the ratings and reviews that pop up.

Be sure to pay close attention to the comments left behind by previous clients. Did they enjoy the tour? What was their favorite part? Did they mention anything about the pilot?

For those of you that wish to have a bit more information on the agency itself, ask them for a list of references that you can contact to ask more questions.

2. Search for Flexible Packages

Everyone is different! Some people want to enjoy a helicopter tour that lasts as long as possible. They want to see every view of the Florida Keys that they possibly can.

Other people want to enjoy it, but don’t want to stay on for too long. Depending on the helicopter agency that you choose for your tour, you might not have a choice.

Most agencies only offer one package. If their tour is 60 minutes long, you don’t have a choice but to pay for that package. You also risk the pilot going through the motions since he/she takes the same repetitive route each time.

Instead, you want someone with more flexible options. At Ultimate HeliTours, we offer  11 different tour packages that you can choose from:

  • Under 25-minute Tour
  • 25 to 60-minute Tour

These packages offer different sites, different sounds, different prices, and different options for each client. In other words: we can customize our tour packages in any way that you wish.

You’ll be able to see incredible sites such as Bahia Honda State Park, Pigeon Key, Seven Mile Bridge, and so forth!

3. Options for Your Budget

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your wallet to schedule a Florida Keys helicopter tour. Some agencies will look to take advantage of the pristine sights by charging you out the wazoo for their services.

But at the end of the day, this helicopter tour is just one activity of many that you will be planning throughout your trip! You don’t want the price of this tour to sacrifice those other activities as well!

At Ultimate HeliTours, all of our packages have customer-friendly pricing. We justify the experience by maximizing as many sights and sounds for your budget as possible.

4. All the Sights

Florida is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s filled with breathtaking state parks, pristine beaches, and some of the most astounding tropical sights that you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

There are simply too many places to see, and you might not have enough time to see them all… unless you see them all during your helicopter tour! Make sure that the helicopter tour agency you book through can accommodate the places you want to travel over.

Don’t ever assume. Some helicopter tours only offer a wide loop around one or two locations, which is a waste of your money!

5. Know Your Spots

This tip goes hand in hand with the “all of the sights” tip above. If you really want to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, then do some research ahead of time.

It pays to know the sites that Marathon, FL is well known for! We’ll help you start by listing some of the most noteworthy places you’ll want to see during your tour:

  • Bahia Honda State Park
  • Pigeon Key & Lighthouse
  • Seven Mile Bridge
  • Duck Key
  • Hawks’ Cay

You might also consider scheduling your tour at a time where you can enjoy our sunset experience, we guarantee that it’s one of the most incredible things in your entire life.

Find the Right Florida Keys Helicopter Tour for Your Trip

Now that you have seen all of the different ways to find the best Florida Keys helicopter company during your trip, be sure to use this advice to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for the ten reasons why Florida vacationers book helicopter tours for couples, especially over Florida’s Keys!

To book your tour, be sure to reach out to us via our contact us page and we will be delighted to work with you further.

Looking to experience a taste of paradise on your next vacation? Fallen head over heels for the crystalline blue waters and pristine white beaches of Florida’s Keys? 

What if we said we could show you paradise from a whole new angle? 

Florida helicopter tours are more than just a ride in the air. They give you a perspective you can’t find anywhere else, an unbeatable view combined with a thrilling experience. Whether you’re visiting the keys for the first time or you’ve been in love with the islands for decades, a helicopter tour lets you experience them in a whole new light. 

Here’s a closer look at why you should book a helicopter tour, what to look for in a tour company, and how to prepare for your tour in advance. 

Why Visit Florida’s Keys?

Located off the south coast of Florida, the Florida Keys are an island chain forming the southernmost part of the United States. But the area is famous for so much more than geography. 

The first inhabitants of the Keys were indigenous peoples, the Calusa and the Tequesta. Juan Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer, was the first European to discover the islands in 1513 and was quick to claim them for Spain, though the Native population soundly defeated his colonization efforts. 

In those early days, the Keys were a big part of Florida’s wrecking industry, an industry that “salvaged” valuables from the area’s frequent shipwrecks. As a port, this made the Florida Keys (Key West in particular) one of the wealthiest areas in the United States. 

In the century and change since then, the area has attracted various illustrious snowbirds, from Ernest Hemingway to Calvin Klein to John James Audobon to President Harry Truman. 

Here’s what makes the island so lively and exciting today–especially as a site for Florida helicopter tours. 

Sunsets Unlike Any Other

It’s not everywhere in the world that can brag about having sunsets so incredible they attract crowds every single night. But in the Florida Keys, the sunsets are so beautiful that they not only get a nightly crowd, they get nightly applause–and inspire endless celebrations. 

Trust us, you’ve never seen a sunset until you’ve seen a sunset in the Florida Keys–it’s like seeing a living painting every single night. 

Endless Blue Waters and Dazzling Islands

There’s a reason why snowbirds have flocked to Florida for generations–the gorgeous blue waters and white sand beaches. The Keys up the ante with a collection of dazzling islands dotting the ocean waters. 

Take Pigeon Key, for instance, a little island off Seven Mile Bridge with endless blue skies above, pristine blue waters below, and a collection of beautifully preserved historic cottages nestled among palm trees in between. 

Or Marathon, where our tour company is based. Those beautiful blue waters make the islands a pristine home for a wide array of marine life, especially dolphins and sea lions. It’s easy to see why humans love the area just as much as the marine life–between the gorgeous scenery and the lush tropical climate, you can’t ask for anything more. 

Why Book Florida Helicopter Tours?

If the Florida Keys sound like a little slice of paradise, that’s because it is! The real question is: where do you start experiencing paradise? How do you decide where to begin? 

Here’s the good news: with a helicopter tour, you don’t have to. Better still, Ultimate HeliTours want you to experience this little corner of heaven on an adventure unlike any other. 

Learn About an Area in a New Way

Are you a traveler who loves to experience a place instead of just staying in it? The kind of visitor who wants to sink your teeth into the experience of a place instead of just sinking your toes in the sand? 

If you’re that kind of traveler, you know that it can be hard to wrap your head around all the options in a new place, especially if you have limited time. It’s even harder to wrap your head around all of the history and geography. 

A helicopter tour gives you the opportunity to get a better sense of everything around you. You get a sense of scale and interconnectedness, seeing how a place fits together. It’s also a great opportunity to see what areas you want to come back to. 

The Best Views

Of course, if there’s one benefit of helicopter tours that rises above all the rest, it’s the views. 

While you might get scenic views on foot or in a car, there’s no view like the view from above. A helicopter tour allows you to see the Florida Keys from a perspective unlike anything you can see on the ground. 

For one thing, it allows you to see the big picture, rather than just parts of it–and trust us, when the big picture is this spectacular, it’s worth every cent to see the whole image. For another, a bird’s eye view allows you to understand a place better. You can see how the islands fit together, how the cities and towns are structured, and how the landscape melds into it. 

Photos Unlike Any Other

Are you an Instagram diehard? Are you a photography lover? If so, you’re going to be head over heels in love with Ultimate HeliTours. 

Unlike a car, bus, trolley, or boat tour, a helicopter can move in any direction. This provides you a view that you could never get from the ground level, offering scenes worthy of a smash-hit Instagram account–or maybe just a frame on your bookshelf to bring a little piece of paradise home with you. 

Also, keep in mind that the entire helicopter tour experience is photo-worthy, not just the landscape itself. From your pre-flight pose to a selfie inside the helicopter to a giddy post-flight snapshot, a helicopter tour is a complete experience worth memorializing at every step. 

The Perfect Date or Family Outing

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to organize the perfect date. Not just a date, but the perfect date, the kind that your special someone will still tell stories about for years to come. And for a date like that, the movies or a restaurant just won’t cut it. 

A helicopter tour is a way to give your sweetheart an experience unlike any other. If you’re booking a vacation to the Florida Keys to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, an exciting helicopter flight is a great way to break out of the tried-and-true to share something truly special. 

On the other hand, if you’re booking a vacation for the whole family, a helicopter tour is a standout adventure everyone can agree on. Instead of arguing about what to see or when, you can see almost everything–and have great fun doing it. 

Save Time and Money

Alright, we’ll admit, helicopter tours aren’t the cheapest adventure option available. But they are surprisingly economical for the amount of money you spend. 

When you think about it, a helicopter tour offers you a rare opportunity to see several sights you might not have otherwise seen, all at the same time and from a completely unique perspective. In that respect, you actually get to see more for your money than you would on any other type of tour. 

Overcome Your Fears

Helicopter tours offer you a bird’s eye view you couldn’t get any other way, and while that’s exciting for many, it can also be a deterrent for those who are afraid of heights. 

If there was ever a place to push your limits, try something new, and overcome your fears, a helicopter tour is it. For adrenaline junkies, the rush of being up high and seeing the beautiful islands below is wonderfully exciting. For nervous fliers, a helicopter tour allows you to experience being up high and see a stunning view with a highly experienced pilot. 

Here’s the thing: while planes can often exacerbate fears of heights or flying thanks to turbulence, the shape of a helicopter means that passengers can pass through turbulence while barely feeling a thing. It’s a much smoother ride than a plane, which makes it much easier to face your fears. 

Plus, with the gorgeous views to distract you, you’ll soon be caught up in the experience instead of your fears. And once you land, you’ll have an amazing story to share. 

It’s Exhilarating

You’ve probably guessed as much already, but helicopter tours are an incredibly exhilarating experience. 

Helicopter tours are extremely safe, but there’s nothing quite like the thrill of riding hundreds of feet in the air. That’s why our pilots love it so much and why passengers get hooked after the first time they experience it. 

Picture the moment you took off in an airplane for the first time. The sensation of flying is unlike any other. You get much the same experience from a helicopter, the difference being that a helicopter can fly closer to incredible views than any plane. 

Before You Book

Ready to book your helicopter tour? With such a beautiful backdrop and a unique way to experience it, why wouldn’t you? 

With that in mind, there are some things to be aware of before booking a helicopter tour. It’s a completely different experience from booking a bus tour or boat tour, which means it requires preparation in a way that ground-based tours don’t. 

Plus, if you’re prepared when you show up for your tour, you’ll be far better equipped to enjoy the experience. Here’s what you need to know before you book to make the most of your tour. 

Research Ahead of Time

One of the best things you can do to prepare for your tour is to do your homework ahead of time. Research the company and your options before you book, and do your homework on the views and landmarks before arriving for your tour. 

For example, when you’re booking a tour, it’s helpful to know what kinds of views and landmarks you’re most interested in. That way, you won’t have to waste time with a tour that doesn’t include those views and landmarks in their tour packages. 

When looking at tour options, it’s also helpful to take a look at other options on the tour list other than your favorite views. Do a bit of research to find out if the rest of the tour route sounds interesting to you. 

Last but not least, be sure to research the landmarks ahead of time. Many pilots will tell you a bit about what you’re seeing, but they’re also focused on flying. Either way, it deepens your tour experience if you understand the historical context of what you’re seeing. Conch architecture, for instance, is enriched when you know why the style was crafted this way. 

Think About When

It’s also important to think about when you want to do your tour. 

For example, think about the season in question. The Florida Keys are known for warm weather, but it does have some seasonal variation. You also have to account for the helicopter. 

Essentially, any temperature differences can be worsened in a helicopter. Regardless of the season, the temperature can drop significantly as you climb in the air, so even if you’re wading through oppressive Florida heat, you may get a bit chilly at higher elevations. Come prepared with a few layers, just in case, especially in the cooler months of fall and winter. 

You’ll also need to consider the time of day. 

A morning tour, for example, offers you clear views before the oppressive heat sets in. During a midday tour, the sun is high enough in the sky that everything is easy to see, great for most tourist views. An afternoon or evening tour gives you a sky shifting into brilliant colors (and those incredible sunsets) but that also means it gets darker over time. 

Consider Your Clothes

Once you’ve booked your tour, you’ll have to turn your attention to other considerations as well. Your clothing, for instance.

If you plan to take a lot of photos (or any photos, for that matter) it’s best to wear dark clothes. For one thing, they show up better against your tropical backdrop, and for another, light clothes tend to reflect off the helicopter windows and ruin pictures. 

On the practical end of things, you’ll have to dress for elevation as the temperature can drop considerably as you rise in the air. 

If you have a purse, bag, or backpack, ask the pilot what to do with it. 

Prepare for Motion Sickness

On the less glamorous side of things, you should account for the physical experience of riding in a helicopter. In plain English: if you get motion sickness, plan ahead for it. 

Helicopters move in swooping motions and can change directions suddenly, which can make some passengers queasy. In some cases, it’s simply a matter of getting used to flying, in much the same way you develop your sea legs. 

For those prone to serious motion sickness, don’t let it deter you! In many cases, taking medicine in advance will stave off motion sickness and allow you to enjoy the flight without a worry. 

Always Listen to the Pilot

One of the biggest pieces of advice we always give our customers is to trust in your pilot and the helicopter. All of our pilots are highly trained with a lot of experience. They know their helicopters, they know how to fly, and they know how to make sure you have a smooth, enjoyable experience. 

With that in mind, trusting your pilot means listening to what they tell you. Pay attention when they lay out the safety rules, making sure to ask questions so you understand all the details and expectations. Your pilot will communicate with you throughout the flight to make sure you’re comfortable, so pay attention to what they say. 

If your pilot tells you to do something (or to stop doing something) listen. They know what they’re doing and they’re doing their best to keep you safe. 

What to Know When Looking for  Helicopter Tours

Never been on a helicopter tour before and not sure what to look for? No worries! Here’s a quick review of what to look for in a helicopter tour company. 

Check Safety Equipment and Procedures

First and foremost, a helicopter tour company should be safe. 

If you can, look up your pilot’s certifications and safety record online. If you can’t find it, call your tour company and ask them to tell you about it. We would be happy to talk you through our pilots’ certifications and experience. We would also be more than happy to tell you about our helicopters and their safety features. 

Ask About Where You Sit

While you clarify safety information, it’s also a good idea to ask about seating arrangements. 

Our  helicopter seats three in the cabin, which means there are three seats with a great view. 

Also, if you have a group larger than three, make sure to ask about how many passengers the helicopter tour can accommodate. You want to make sure you have enough room to make the tour feasible. 

Looking for Standout Helicopter Tours?

Ready to get off the beaten path (or off the path altogether?) We think you’ll fall in love with  helicopter tours, and you’ll fall head over heels in love with the Florida Keys when you view them from one of our helicopter tours. 
We offer a helicopter tour for any visitor, from tours under 25 minutes to tours up to 60 minutes long, all of them featuring the best views in all of the Florida Keys and flown by expert pilots. Click here to take a look at our tour options, or get in touch with any question you may have. We can’t wait to make your trip to the Florida Keys a memory you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

One of the most breath-taking and scenic areas in the world is the unique state of Florida. Among the most popular spots for tourists and vacations in the sunshine state is the Florida keys.

If you are looking for fun, exciting, and romantic vacation options in the Florida keys, look no further than a helicopter tour. A helicopter tour for couples is a perfect getaway for two.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Florida vacations are not complete without romantic helicopter tours for couples.

1. Fantastic Rates for Helicopter Tours

As far as costs go for helicopter tours for couples around the Florida keys, they are very manageable. Especially when compared to other vacationing and getaway options.

For example, tour packages can range from around just a couple hundred dollars. You can even select how long and which areas around the Florida keys you would like to fly over (or all of them).

2. Romantic for Couples

There is no doubt that a scenic tour up in the air around the gorgeous Florida keys is a romantic experience for any couple. This is the perfect way to elevate (literally) a couple’s getaway for two and make it an unforgettable experience.

If your vacation includes more family, this could be a great chance for a couple to get away for a short while and spend some time just between the two of them. There are even specific tours meant to up the romanticism, such as a tour that takes off perfectly timed around the setting of the sun.

3. Make the Most Of Your Time

You can see more of your vacation destination quicker and faster. It is impossible to scout the entire area while walking around on foot, especially in an area that includes so many bodies of water.

With so much to see, you will have the chance to take a lot more pictures of the gorgeous ocean views in Florida while up in the air. Once the helicopter ride is over, you will also have more time to explore the beach or do everything else on your list for the vacation.

4. See Florida from a Different Angle

Speaking of exploring Florida, your helicopter ride will uncover all of the tremendous hidden views you can only see from above. The unique scope of the irresistible ocean views and the wide array of wildlife will be remarkable!

At Marathon, Florida, the awesome clear blue ocean and fish, sharks, manatee, and other wildlife are all just a helicopter tour away.

5. Even More Sights to See

But the fun doesn’t stop. There are a plethora of unique areas in and around the Florida keys to be absorbed. Luckily, helicopter tours can take couples around to see them all.

You have the option to select which of the great areas to scope out, such as the Vaca Key or the Boot Key Harbor. Two more popular scenic settings are Duck Key and Hawk’s Cay.

6. Historical Sites Too

Then, there are historical sites like Pigeon’s Key (including a massive lighthouse), the Seven Mile Bridge, and Bahia Honda State Park. All three of these locations were involved in important moments in Florida’s history.

As a border state to the east coast and one of the most southern points in the United State, Florida has a very unique history, especially within the keys.

7. A Memorable Experience

A helicopter tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is sure to be memorable. On top of the romantic and sight-seeing fun, riding in a helicopter at those heights is a thrilling adventure.

On a vacation, you will always want to reconnect with your partner or significant other. Participating in something like a helicopter ride for two will bring you even closer together. Even with someone that we already know well, we desire to continue to build and strengthen our connections through shared experiences.

8. Helicopter Rides for Couples: A Great Gift

Even if you and your significant other may not be interested in a helicopter ride, they make a great gift to couples within your friends and family as well. Especially during the holiday season, a couples getaway is an ideal gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, and the rest of the holidays.

9. Can’t Beat the Weather

Escape the winter cold and visit the Florida keys where it is awesome sunny weather and normally in the 70s or high 60s temperature during any time of year. Who wouldn’t want a chance of pace from the winter?

Trade in those blizzards and heavy snow for sunshine and stunning ocean views. Everybody loves the sunshine and tropical weather of Florida during any time of the year. The Keys is known as one of the most desirable weather cities in the United States.

10. Vacation Safely

Safety is always optimal during any vacation, and even more so during the pandemic. While many other holiday and vacation activities will require shifting through big hoards of tourists, helicopter tours provide a safe view from up above. Skip the crowd and enjoy an even better perspective from a helicopter tour anyway.

Furthermore, our pilots are certified and very knowledgeable of the Florida Keys area. You are in good hands with our helicopter flight.

Witness Florida At Its Finest

There are so many reasons to book a helicopter tour for couples today. You will not regret a great vacation to the unique state of Florida, especially if you top it off with a helicopter flight. Visit the Florida keys and book a trip you will be talking about for years to come.

Are you looking to enjoy a helicopter tour while you visit the Florida Keys? Are you tired of driving in Florida and want to look for a different way to see the beauty of the Sunshine State? If so, then you should consider a helicopter tour.

Before you start reserving your first helicopter tour, there are a few things that you should know ahead of time. These will help you have the best experience possible once you’re up in the air.

See below for an in-depth guide on what you should know heading into your first-ever helicopter flight over the Florida Keys.

1. Be Prepared for Your Jaw to Drop

While it might be a bit cliche, the overhead pictures of the Florida Keys don’t do them justice. You will see some of the most spectacular sights including pristine beaches, barrier reefs, incredible architecture, and so much more.

The water will seem to change color at every turn. It’s always crystal clear and the tint changes with the surface level. The land is luscious green. The water is a shade of blue you might’ve thought wasn’t possible.

Depending on the helicopter tour that you book, you can expect to hover over sites like the Bahia Honda State Park, Seven Mile Bridge, Duck Key, Sombrero Lighthouse, Pigeon Key, and so much more. 

If you go later in the day, you can experience a sunset from a bird’s eye view as it hides behind the large body of blue water in the west, a site that you won’t get anywhere else.

Try thinking about what you want in your ideal trip. What are some must-see locations on your list? What will you be disappointed if you don’t see on the tour. The pilot can accommodate your requests as long as they are within reason.

2. Trust in the Pilot and Helicopter

No matter how many times you’ve been in a helicopter in your life, there’s always an adrenaline rush that comes with it. It’s perfectly natural to feel a bit anxious before you take off.

The key is to entrust the pilot and the helicopter during your trip. Our helicopter pilots are highly-trained and have the experience to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. We check all the flight conditions beforehand to ensure a safe ride the entire way through.

Your pilot will stay in constant communication with you to make the ride as enjoyable as possible. They’ll give you a rundown of safety rules before you climb in the helicopter and will distribute the weight evenly in the cabin by giving certain seat assignments for everyone.

3. Wear Proper Clothing

While it’s always tempting to indulge in the island life and where boardshorts and sandals wherever you go, you’ll want to dress a tad different for the helicopter ride.

Always check the weather before you set out so that you can ensure you’re properly dressed for the ride. For example, if the weather is around 70 degrees, you might be a bit chilly in just a short sleeve or sleeveless shirt. Bring a hoodie just in case.

Also, consider wearing sneakers for convenience. It will make it easier to hop in and out of the helicopter’s cabin, and will also help you stay more comfortable during the flight. Comfort is the top priority.

4. Research the Landmarks Ahead of Time

You’ll always have more appreciation for the things that you see when you take the time to learn about them. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do a bit of reading beforehand.

For example, the Sombrero Lighthouse was originally opened in 1858 and made completely of cast iron, standing at 142 feet tall. That will be even more impressive when you fly over it and realize it is surrounded by water.

Book your tour, then do a bit of studying on the spots you’ll see during the tour. It will lead to even more fun and excitement during the trip.

Use These Tips to Your Advantage When Booking Helicopter Tours in Florida

Now that you have seen several key tips and tricks to use when you book helicopter tours in Florida, be sure to use them to your family’s advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more reasons why you should take a helicopter tour over the Florida Keys and how much value it can add to your trip.For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

visit the florida keys

Are you looking forward to your vacation to the Florida Keys and excited to take in all of the sights? Do you wonder if there is a way to enjoy even more scenic beauty than what you get from driving in a car? If so, then you’ll want to plan for the sights you see when you visit the Florida Keys.

The most breathtaking views are always from the sky, so why not take a helicopter tour over the Florida Keys to get a viewpoint you wouldn’t otherwise have? See below for several amazing views you can’t get in a car when visiting the Keys.

1. Seven Mile Bridge

Granted, they probably could’ve thought of a more clever name than “Seven Mile Bridge”, however, at least you know what to expect when you drive on it.

Truth be told, this iconic piece of the Florida Keys is beautiful from any angle. When you drive on it, you’ll be able to see the water up close and personal. If you’re lucky, you might even see a dolphin or two as you’re making your way to and from. 

However, the true beauty is to be seen from up above during a helicopter tour. You’ll see how impressive of a structure the bridge is and the beautiful crystal blue water that surrounds it. You can also feast your eyes on the different surface levels and the reefs up and down it.

If you didn’t know, the Seven Mile Bridge connects the Middle Keys to the Lower Keys, so you’ll enjoy the sights of many different pieces of land and seeing how all of the Florida Keys connect. It is truly a spectacle to behold!

Perhaps the crown jewel of it all is Marathon, a city located in the Keys that is known for its vibrantly colored barrier reef, something that will make your jaw drop when you see it from the view of a helicopter.

2. Bahia Honda State Park

No matter how many state parks you’ve seen in the United States, we promise you this: you’ve never seen a state park like Bahia Honda. It’s one of the must-see spots of all Florida Key visitors, bringing people from far and wide to stop at mile marker 37 to see it.

This beautifully-preserved piece of land has some of the clearest water that you’ll ever see, hundreds of different tropical tree species, and pristine beaches to top it all off.

You’ll make a Home Alone face while taking in the sights of Bahia Honda and the way it gels with the Atlantic Ocean. The blend of natural beauty with man-made architecture (the Seven Mile Bridge) is like something out of a painting. 

The water almost has an iridescent feature to it. As you come upon it, the water is so blue that it almost blends in perfectly with the bright blue sky above it. You may find it hard to identify the horizon.

However, as you start to come over the water, the water becomes a bit greener in spots with beautiful barrier reefs. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

3. Sombrero Lighthouse

Again, your adventure to the Florida Keys should be about seeing things that you likely won’t find anywhere else that you travel. Fortunately for you, there’s no shortage of unique landmarks, such as the Sombrero Lighthouse.

Also known as the Sombrero Key Light, this red-colored piece of industrial history is surrounded by the bright blue water that you’ll come to know and love in the Keys. It was originally opened in 1858, if you can believe it, and stands at 142 feet tall.

As you can imagine, the beauty that surrounds it is truly a sight to behold. There are many different aspects of marine life that use the Sombrero Key Light as a gathering ground, which makes it even more fascinating to fly over during a helicopter tour.

4. Duck Key

When most people think of the Florida Keys, odds are that they’re imagining something that closely resembles Duck Key and, more specifically, the Hawk’s Cay Resort

You’ll admire the incredible combination of natural tropical beauty and local life. Building after building, beach after beach, and it’s all surrounded by a beautiful greenish-blue body of water.

The island itself is small and slightly tucked away, which will make you feel like getting on island time and staying there. No matter what time of day that you go on the helicopter, you’re sure to see countless residents and visitors snorkeling, biking, camping, relaxing on the beach, etc.

5. Pigeon Key

While it might only be 5 acres wide, it has enough beauty for all to enjoy. Pigeon Key is so small that it only holds 8 total buildings on it. The island itself will remind you of simpler times, showing more land than buildings.

It has one pier on it and is surrounded by water so clear, you can see every bump and feature on the surface below. The Seven Mile Bridge runs directly over it.

Whether or not you take time out of your trip to visit it by car, flying over it will help you admire the simplicity and natural beauty that the Florida Keys have, even if all of the resorts and hot spots weren’t there.

Visit the Florida Keys: Schedule a Helicopter Tour Today

Now that you have seen all of the different sights that you should make sure to see when you visit the Florida Keys and schedule a helicopter tour, be sure to use it to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more information on why you should take a helicopter tour over the Florida Keys.For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

It’s vacation time and you could think of nowhere else you’d rather be than the sunshine state! There’s something about Florida that makes you glow a little different.

Florida is one of the most common places for tourists to travel. In 2019 alone, Florida saw over 131 million visitors!

But how can you get a different experience from all the other tourists? Or, if you’ve been to Florida before, how can you make this trip as memorable as your last?

To see a new side of Florida, try a helicopter tour. Keep reading to learn all about the best helicopter tour south Florida has to offer!

What Is a Helicopter Tour?

When you book a helicopter tour, you’re in for a treat!

Once you arrive, you go through a briefing while you’re on the ground. Feel free to ask any questions at this point. It’s much easier than talking while you’re in the air!

After the briefing, you get fitted with the gear you need in the helicopter and then you board the helicopter. Your pilot then takes you on a planned route and will point out landmarks and places of interest along the way.

It’s a breathtaking way for a VIP twist on a classic tour of the Florida Keys.

Are Helicopter Tours Safe?

One question many people have is about the safety of helicopter tours. Should you take out a life insurance policy before you go?

Sometimes accidents happen, no matter what form of transportation you take part in. But the risk of fatality while in a helicopter is less than 1 per 100,000 people!

Make sure you choose a reputable helicopter tour company that has a pilot with many years of experience flying. Also, check out their equipment. If the helicopter or any of the safety equipment looks old, find another tour company!

How To Choose the Best Helicopter Tours Florida Keys Has To Offer

Over the years, several companies have popped up to offer a variety of tour options. How do you know which one to choose? Here are some of our favorite tips for choosing helicopter tours.

Check the Company’s Safety Equipment and Procedures

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to know that the company you choose for your helicopter tour is serious about your safety! Make sure the company has plenty of safety equipment in good repair and that the helicopter doesn’t look old or rusty like it is not maintained well.

Also, take note of any safety protocols or procedures the company has. A company that plans for every emergency is most able to get you back to the ground safe and sound!

Ask About Where You Sit

Most helicopters that operate for tours have 4 seats in the cabin. That means there are 4 seats in the for a great view.

Make sure you know where you will sit before you go to book your tour. That way you know you’re getting the best possible tour experience!

Look at Recent Reviews

A great way to pick out a good tour company is to ask the people who went on the last tour! Look for recent reviews from several sources to get the most accurate view of the company.

Read both good and bad reviews so you can get an idea of any issues that might change your mind about that company as well as perks that might seal the deal!

What Is the Bottom Line?

Of course, one of the most important factors to consider is the cost. Not that you should always go with the cheapest tour!

If you’re stuck between 2 or 3 companies based on their reviews, pick the one that charges less money!

Tips for Your First Helicopter Ride

Ok, so you booked your tour and you’re psyched to go! Now what?

How can you prepare for the tour before you arrive on the tarmac? Here are our favorite tips for first-time flyers!

What To Wear

The dress code for your helicopter tour is pretty loose. You could come in a comfy t-shirt and jeans or in your best tuxedo!

One thing you want to avoid is loose flowing clothing. The rotors generate a ton of wind and you don’t want any loose clothing to whip you while you get in and out of the helicopter!

Research the Helicopter

Another good way to prepare is to know a little more about the helicopter before you go. That way you can pick the best seat and know a little about what to expect before you get in your seat.

Listen To the Pilot, Even on the Ground

The pilot is the most important person to listen to! Not only will they give you important safety information. But, they will also point out any important things to see along the tour route.

Bring a Camera

The views of Florida Keys from a helicopter make beautiful photo opportunities! Make sure you bring a camera and an extra battery (or film) in case you need them.

Get the VIP Tour of the Skies

No matter how many times you come to Florida, there’s always something new to experience! If you haven’t tried a helicopter tour, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Even if you live in the area and you know your way around on the ground, try looking at your town from a different point of view! There’s no better way to feel like a VIP.We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about the best helicopter tours south Florida has to offer. If you have any questions about this article or if you want to book a helicopter tour, contact us today!

Do you want to plan a scenic helicopter tour for you and your loved one, but you’re not sure what to expect? Helicopter tours are a safe and fun way to admire the natural beauty of the Florida Keys. You can see them from a perspective that only a few people get to see.

With this in mind, read to learn all about what to expect with Ultimate-HeliTours and plan one! 

Reservations vs Walk-Ins

You’ll first want to determine whether the helicopter tour company you’ve chosen offers reservations or walk-ins. If a helicopter tour is something you and your partner definitely want to experience during your visit, we recommend a reservation.

A walk-in can be your last resort if you’re not able to book a reservation at your ideal time and day. Remember that you’ll want to inform the company at least 48 hours ahead of time if you need to cancel. Since seats and flights are limited, canceling any later will probably incur fees.

Passenger Restrictions

It’s important that you look up the restrictions for your helicopter tour. For instance, the Robinson Raven I  only accepts a maximum of three passengers and a minimum of two for a tour. If you want to book a private flight, you’ll most likely have to pay a premium fee. 

There is also a combined weight limit of 550 lbs not to exceed 350 lbs. person. Children under the age of five will always need to be accompanied by an adult. People with disabilities are welcome to fly.


It’s important that you research the cost of your helicopter tour so you can ensure you stay on budget during your vacation! The average cost of a helicopter tour is $59.00 – $459,00 per person. 

If you’re not sure about the time, ask the staff for their recommendations. They’ll be able to help accommodate the time you have as well as your budget. 

Safety Records

Some people can be nervous due to a fear of flying or a feeling of precaution. It’s important to ask the company your booking whether their pilots are certified and FAA commercially rated. This means that passed all FAA tests and have the required certifications. 

You’ll also want to ask the company about their safety record. Safety measures should be in place as well as regular maintenance guidelines for their helicopters with FAA-licensed mechanics. 

Handling Bad Weather

Once you make your reservation, you may be nervous about bad weather intruding on your flight time. However, it’s important to know that Florida’s weather is highly unpredictable. If it does rain, it normally only lasts for 10 to 15 minutes at a time unless there’s a predicted storm.

Helicopter Attire

You don’t have to wear any specific attire in order to enjoy a helicopter ride! Florida tourism is all about keeping comfortable and cool, and that’s all you need to wear when you board a helicopter. It’s important to be as comfortable as possible so you can fully enjoy your ride.

Taking Photos

If you’re riding in a Robinson R-44 helicopter with an open cockpit, it’s recommended to bring along your camera because you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get great shots. Wide-angle lenses are perfect to show the whole scope of the land below. If you want to take photos of marine life or other wildlife, a telephoto lens will serve you better. 

Popular Tours

If you’re not sure what kind of tour of the Florida Keys is right for you, you can make your decision based on time. Many companies offer the average length for each of their tours. We recommend starting with a short time if you’re new to helicopter flights and you’re not sure what your reaction would be. 

Tours that are 25 minutes are less typically include: 

  • Pigeon Key Island
  • Seven Mile Bridge
  • Vaca Key and Boot Key
  • Duck Key and Hawk’s Cay
  • Sunset Experience

If you want to see everything, you can expect a 60-minute flight time as you cruise 300 to 500 feet above the keys. You can also choose to get a better view of the Bahia Honda State Park or a combination of the 25-minute tours. 

Ask yourself whether you want to experience an overall impression of the Keys or if you want more detailed tours of specific areas. If you want to take photos with a telephoto lens of marine life and other wildlife, consider a shorter tour that will take more time exploring specific areas. 

Read the Reviews

Last but not least, before you make a decision about what company to fly with, it’s important that you read their reviews. This will give you a good, overall impression of what to expect and whether they’re a trusted company. If you find that the majority of their reviews are negative, this is a strong indication that you should stay away. 

Scenic Helicopter Rides for Your Florida Keys Vacation

Scenic helicopter rides are a great way to jumpstart your tropical vacation or to wave goodbye to a scenic area that you love. If you’re afraid of your experience being ruined by motion sickness, you don’t have to worry.

Helicopter tours are smooth rides with gentle turns. You’ll be comfortable enough to take out your camera and take photos as you enjoy the unique perspective.Ready to explore your helicopter tour options of the Florida Keys? Take a look at our tour packages today to get started!

helicopter trips

If you haven’t realized yet how great helicopter tours are, you can bet your friends and family have!

After all, the helicopter tourism market is a massive one. In 2018 alone, it raked in an astounding $851.9 million, with projections to grow by 4.7% between now and 2027—bringing the numbers to $1,253.9 million in just under seven years.

Why are helicopter trips so popular? The answer is simple: an increased interest in aerial sight-seeing. This point is especially true in beautiful and sunny Florida, where the Keys are waiting to be experienced from a bird’s-eye view: blue waters, fish and sharks, sandy beaches, historical monuments, and so much more.

If you want to experience something from a new perspective—whether you’re a resident or tourist of the Florida Keys—a scenic ride in the air is the way to do it. Below, we explain why this method of adventure is so compelling and awesome.

Keep reading!

Helicopter Trips Provide a New Outlook on Things You’ve Seen Before

It’s as simple as that: scenic tours in the air are so much different than your average bus, bike, or walking tour. Whether it’s your first time to the Florida Keys, your tenth time, or you’re a long-time resident, there’s nothing comparable to a bird’s-eye view of a beautiful area.

From the sky, you can see crystal water, manatees, islands, wildlife, and so much more. These are things you might not get to see if you were walking, sitting on a crowded bus, or even walking around town. Some experiences are simply better from the sky, as they offer an unparalleled view of a town that’s historic and gorgeous.

At the end of the day, memories and experiences (as opposed to material items, such as souvenirs) are priceless. They bring us better satisfaction, become a part of our identities, and remain a part of us forever—unlike material goods. Booking a helicopter tour proves that.

Plus, They’re Affordable!

When you’re going on vacation, or even trying to experience your hometown in a new way, you may find that many experiences are quite costly. As a tourist, there’s the price of hotels, other types of tours, food, drinks, and more. As a resident, there are things like rent, utilities, and a slew of other charges making it difficult for you to splurge on something expensive.

Well, with helicopter trips, you’ll find they’re cost-friendly, especially when considering the experience that comes with them.

We have Discovery tours starting at under $59! With this price, you’ve got plenty of sight-seeing options: the Seven-Mile Bridge, Pigeon Key, Duck Key, Hawk’s Cay, or even a sunset experience. For only $205, you can experience sights like Bahia Honda, our famous Lighthouse, and much more..

When was the last time you had such an excellent, life-changing experience for such a good price?

They Provide Lifelong Memories in the Way That Other Experiences Don’t

You’ve ridden in a cab or an Uber. You’ve flown in a plane, taken a train ride through the country, and probably drive a car to work every day. But, what’s a more rare form of transportation you likely haven’t taken? 

A helicopter!

Simply put, a helicopter tour is more unique than your average ways of travel. Not everyone can say they’ve ridden in a helicopter, whereas many people can say they’ve taken a plane trip. This gives you an opportunity for some unique bragging rights.

Similarly, it just changes the way you see the world. A plane is too far away, while a car is too close. A helicopter is that perfect middle ground, allowing you the perspective you need to see some sights from a safe, engaging distance, without being too far away to need your binoculars. 

Helicopter Tours Are Convenient and Time-Friendly

When was the last time you took a 30-minute plane trip? Heck, it takes more than thirty minutes to even get to your gate!

Similarly, a train ride is quite the commitment, and an Uber ride can be quick (but there’s not much in the way of views). 

A helicopter tour, on the other hand, is a time-sensitive way to see some amazing sites when your schedule’s a little more packed than you expected. If you’re in a time crunch, you can take a 30-minute ride that doesn’t compromise greatness. You can even take a helicopter tour on the day of your departure if you plan it right!

With options ranging from 25 minutes to an hour, it’s easy and convenient to schedule a helicopter tour into your schedule. Simply book it in advance, arrive prepared, and you’ll be up and down in record time—no fantastic views spared.

Not many other tours can boast the same fantastic advantages!

Views From the Sky Are Unlike Any Other

Are helicopter trips in your future?

After checking out this article, they very well could be. Taking a helicopter tour provides a unique perspective, whether it’s something you’ve seen hundreds of times in your life or something you’ve never experienced. And that’s what helicopter tours are—an experience unlike any other!

We at Ultimate HeliTours provide an adventure that’s exciting, affordable, and memorable. You may have seen the Keys, but you’ve never seen them like this. Click here to book a tour with us today! Our variety of budgets and schedules guarantees that there’s something for everybody. We look forward to providing you with an excellent experience.