Discovery Helicopter Tour

Duration:              Per Person:
6 Minutes                     $69.00 *   


Lift off on your aerial adventure and soar around Vaca Key and over Boot Key Harbor.

Key Vaca is located in between Fat Deer Key and Knight's Key. Vaca Key was also connected via bridge to Boot Key until the city of Marathon neglected the bridge so long it had to be torn down causing hardships to the business on Boot Key. Key Vaca comprises most of the north shore of Boot Key Harbor.

Various theories as to the origin of the name exist. The most likely example is that the island was named after Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, who wrote a detailed account of the 16th-century exploration of Florida. Other theories revolve around the word vaca, meaning "cattle" in Spanish. The 1957 book The Florida Keys indicates that the island's name comes from wild cattle that used to live on the island. Evidence of these cattle has never been found. The name may also refer to manatees, "sea cows" that thrived in the area prior to the 1950s.

Tour Route

Discovery Helicopter Tour

6 Minutes

Per Person:
$69.00 *

*  Price per person is for passengers of all ages.  There is a 2 passenger minimum for all tours.  If you are a single rider a private tour option is available to you for $109.  

Maximum individual passanger weight may not exceed 300lbs, and maximim total weight of all passangers may not exceed 550lbs.